Spreader LC

Spreader LC is a versatile stereo widener that lets you enhance and expand the stereo image while protecting center-positioned audio. It has two modes: Mid-Side (cyan button) and Phase Shift (purple button). Three 'C' sliders bring back parts of the center signal that might have faded during the widening.

Download Spreader VST
Version 1.08 Windows 7/8/10 32-bit VST 2.4 Download

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Mildon Maducdoc
Software Developer + Musician
Over 10 years of experience in software and audio.

Hi there! I launched this website in 2008 to start sharing my creations with the world. I wanted to inspire other musicians by making software that can fuel creativity and make the task of mixing easier. This is still my mission today, and I am committed to building innovative software for people who make music.