Splash - Free Splash Screen Tool for Windows Apps

Splash is a tiny Windows program that creates a splash screen from a bitmap image and runs the intended target program. It can serve as a loading or waiting screen for applications that take several seconds to load, from apps built on top of HTML5/Javascript frameworks (such as node-webkit / NW.js) to native apps that have many resources to unpack.

  • Create a
    480 x 320
    bitmap image, save as
  • Rename
    (See image below)
  • In your main program, call
    taskkill /IM start-[your_app].exe
    to hide or terminate the splash screen (sample code below).
  • You can use resource hacker to change the icon if necessary.

Hiding the Splash Screen

Once your main program has loaded and its window is displayed, you can close the splash window by running the console command
from your main program.

Download Splash 1.00 for Windows

1.00 Windows 7/8/10 Executable + Bitmap Template (zipped) Download


You are free to use and redistribute this program along with your app. Commercial use is allowed. No warranty provided. No royalties or attribution necessary.

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Published on February 28, 2019





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