onClickOut() - Detecting Clicks Outside an Element (JavaScript)
In JavaScript it's straightforward to detect click and touch events, but detecting clicks outside an element, say, to automatically close menu's and floating DIV's, needs a bit of code to make it possible. The following solution is from Earkite's UI code, which I've rewritten into a single function that can be used out of the box.

Try it: Show DIV

Enable onClickOut event on any element with just one line:

outsideRelatives are elements outside the target that must not trigger the click-out event when clicked. You must include buttons and links that toggle the display of the target element, or else the click-out event will be triggered, preventing their normal function.

Here's the full code that you can copy-paste. You can also download it as a JS file.

Download JS File

Published on March 13, 2019


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