Featured Plug-in: Sekai 85

Sekai 85 Compressor is a dynamics processor VST plug-in that's designed to be fast and flexible. It has a transparent response that makes it suitable for a wide variety of audio, from vocals to the final master. New features such as internal sidechain filters and smoothing let you achieve stable dynamics while avoiding over-compression -- very useful for mastering.

Sekai 85 is the successor of Sekai 80, and sports a new engine and a new interface. It is available as a VST3 plug-in for Windows.

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VST2.4 Out, VST3 In.

As you might have heard, VST 2.4 has recently been retired by its author, Steinberg, in an effort to promote VST 3 as the official standard. Version 3 has been in existence for about a decade, but hasn't gained the same popularity as the former. And perhaps it is for that very reason that they are no longer allowing the distribution of VST 2.4 based projects.

This means that some of my plug-ins (the ones that are still in 2.4 format) will no longer be available for download or purchase. However, you will still be able to download them if you have the link sent to your email upon purchase. I will be updating these plug-ins soon anyway, so this will only be temporary.

Overall, I think this is good news, and I welcome this move as a developer. It's all in the spirit of moving forward.

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Published on November 27, 2018





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